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june-September 2019

What we say when we get a prospect on the line


Good & Bad 

Sales Call Reluctance 

How to overcome it, take the SPQ Test

Lowering Buyers Resistance

in the prospecting phase 

Asking for a phone call instead of a face to face

Go To Meeting to walkthrough a Blueprint


Run the ROOTA

Power of Education

Marketing Seminars/Webinars

Purpose and a Firm Foundation

Why can prospecting be so hard?

Some Common Causes of Call Reluctance

I dont't know how many appts I need

Run the ROOTA

Creating a Referral Out of Thin Air

Creative Drop - Tumbler

Leaving 1 voicemail, after that we email

Signs of 2 Weeks Off 

Differentiation at its Best

When you proposal is so valuable compared to their current process


Steps of the Process

january-MAY 2019

September - December 2018