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June - SEPTEMBER 2019


Following Up with Prospecting After Blueprint Meeting


Questions in Initial Meeting I Would Make Sure to have Answered

Initial Meeting & Follow Up

4 Key outcomes 

Differentiating with a Modern Process

and more effective than traditional methods that begin with a quote 


Chip Abernathy

Why do deals stall?

When everyone in the room agrees or plan and tools are better

Hilary McCart and Amy Bona

Creating an open and honest environment

Don't be overly grateful. Go into the meeting as a business person sitting across from an investor

Departure Today-Half Your Year is Gone

Pride or Regret, Leverage it or retool

How Do You Measure That?

2 Recent Wins

Both over 50k in revenue

Differentiation at its Best

When you proposal is so valuable compared to their current process


Steps of the Process

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